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SANTANA panero

"Passionate about create and desing new experiences"
Visual FX


Unity Shuriken VFX
Mesh assets are done in 3D software and export fbx animation (baked).
When the prefab is call at runtime ,it plays the 3D animation track and the Unity particles.

I created all assets : spritesheets, 3Dassets, shaders (vertex/fragment) and particle scripts to add extra funtionality (rotation, path follow system...)

HLSL shaders
Custom cool shaders and materials for Unreal used in different puzzle art.
Setup material and VFX parameters in the Blueprint to control interactability

my Github (shaders)

Unreal Niagara VFX

(Unreal Niagara video coming soon)

Check the game VIDEO  VFX in the midtime)

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