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Curriculum Vitae

About me


Background in gaming studios, marketing agencies to create a positive impact on consumers. I want a new challenge in my career. I considered myself highly creative, problem solving, technology passionate, user experience focused.

• Art Director for Lunarch Studios, developing a MMO multiplayer puzzle adventure game in Unreal for 100 players. Creating unique art style, concept art, setting technical art requirements, supervising outsourcing studios, working with Unreal (lighting, optimization, shaders, vfx,...)

• Game and Art Director in mobile studio, leading a team of 5-6 people. Set product vision, document style bibles, set art tech pipeline to achieve impressive/optimize visuals, supervise production.

• +5 years of experience as Art Director/Lead Artist in AAA and mobile games (managing teams of up to 6 people), supervising all areas of production and hands-on in assets creation (PUBG2, FallGuys…)

• Technical knowledge in HLSL shaders development (Unity/Unreal) and C# scripting (Senior Tech Artist in FallGuys working on UI/UX, art tools and art implementation)

• 5 years of experience as Creative Designer (motion and 3D art) in marketing campaigns with a budget of $2M/year from concept to execution and outsourcing supervision ( concept, 3D,animation).

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