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SANTANA panero

"Passionate about create and desing new experiences"
Visual FX

Tech Art


During my career I worked on different tech aspects of Art production pipeline:

Maya Rigs

3DMax Rigs (C.A.T/biped)

CG shaders

C# knowledge
Art Tools development

Tween animations/UI implementation


Particles Scripts/Particles Optimization

3D Assets Optimization for Mutliplayer Games

Light Probes, PBR materials, baking textures


maya Rigs

CG shaders

tween animations/ui implementation


particles scripts/particles optimization

assets optimization for mutliplayer

light probes, pbr, baking textures

c#, python

EdgeFlip shaders,tools,


show sprite sheet for 2D animations & particles

gif images for DWI's VFX

gif images for 2D anim loops (rex, etc...)
spine UI poker renders

Art direction (add Rex)

Managin Skills
Scrum / Kanban (Agile development)

Trello (backlog) documentation


Lean Development as a product thinking
Set taks priority and managment

Tasks have time requirements also.
(put it in the game ASAP, iterate after that
could be features are dropped over time, 

MVP mentality)

Team Building

(grow as a team, reinforce each other)


(others people works, team)

Career development
(allow people to delivers their strenghts)

Crear un blog hablando de EdgeFlip

product development

market analysis

market gap

Midcore growing, puzzle focused on casual

Key aspects
*visual, art animations, style

*audience gap with potential to scale (big userbase)

*procedural generated to add variation

*boosters to help players (and monetize)

*star system to balance dificulty progression (ala Mario Kart items)

micro company , limited budget 

pivotar hacia F2P

Motion Graphics

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